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Company Culture

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The company is located in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong, the earliest open in China. It has taken advantage of business opportunities and continued development, which has enabled the company to have a solid foundation for development. Through years of exploration and summarization, our company has formed its own unique corporate culture style, and through formal forms such as management, training, seminars, as well as holiday parties, barbecue programs, sports competitions, bodybuilding exercises, military boxing training, outdoor Activities and other methods make the corporate culture gradually and effectively rooted in every employee, which plays an important role in the company's development and growth. In order to develop a patriotic sentiment and establish a model of being a good citizen, the company established a party branch in 2002. Under the guidance and training of the party branch, each employee has established a noble spirit of patriotism, love, dedication and mutual assistance. . Strong corporate culture, gathering people's hearts, building harmony, let employees feel the care of the company, the heart is solid, have a sense of belonging, so that the company forms a strong cohesiveness and team spirit.

A lot of outdoor activities:


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Men's basketball - exciting

Entrepreneurial spirit - unity and truth, diligence and innovation

Enterprise requirements for all employees:

Work hard, every minute, every second. Sublimation quality, each group, everyone.

Improve efficiency, every moment, every moment. Reduce wear and tear, every thing, every centimeter.

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